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Who took Kat's bowl?

Performances Kulttuuritalo Martinus, Martinlaaksontie 36:
17.12. at 7 p.m
18.12. at 3 p.m
18.12. at 7 p.m

Tickets are on sale lippu.fi

Who took Kat's bowl takes place on the seventh floor of a student dormitory and in its shared kitchen, at that critical moment when the sloppiness of the cottage in the corona era starts to take over new and old residents. One day, Kat's glass bowl disappears and a simple notice left on the bulletin board about the wish to get the bowl back starts a fast-paced detective adventure.


The play seen on stage is a production of Viides Viikki-specs and brings to the stage a funny but realistic depiction of prejudice, difference and shame. In the style characteristic of Speks, the play is embellished with improvisation and the audience can participate in the performance with omstart shouts if they wish.