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The Board of Viikki-speksi ry is responsible for the activities of both the association and production. Among other things, the Board selects the directors and producers of the production, and is responsible for Viikki-speksi's finances and cooperation with sponsors. The Board also organizes events and a program for members of the association and members of other student organizations on the Viikki campus.

As a member of Viikki-speksi ry, you can influence the activities of the association by participating in the meetings of the association and the board. In addition, you can send the Board either anonymous feedback or a nominal message via email. The Board constantly strives to develop the association's operations based on members' feedback and ideas, so do not hesitate to contact!


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The chairwoman has the ultimate responsibility for the activities of both the association and production, and she is the primary representative of the association. The chairwoman starts the activities of the new production, convenes meetings of the association and the board, oversees the overall progress of the project and delegates tasks accordingly. The chairwoman also makes agendas and mentors newer staff members. She is ultimately responsible for the success of the association and is ready to help with anything needed.

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Vice chairman

The vice-chairwoman cooperates with the chairwoman in the organization of the association's activities and production. Serves as chairwoman when the actual chairwoman is prevented from attending.

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Economic affairs

Responsible for the association's finances by creating an annual budget and by keeping record of the association's incomes and expenses. Responsible for invoicing sponsors and other actors. Takes care of the association's receipts and financial documents. Prepares the association's financial statements at the end of the activity year.

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Responsible for the internal and external communications of the association and production. Coordinates the use of communication channels and content production. Works in cooperation with the producer and the marketing manager. The Communications Officer also maintains contacts with the faculty and close organizations of Viikki and other campuses together with the Sponsor and Corporate Relations Manager.

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Serves as secretary at board and association meetings.

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Sponsor and Corporate Relations Officer

Acts as the association's contact person for sponsors and partners. Together with the Economic Affairs Officer, creates goals for obtaining sponsorship grants. Updates the press packet sent to sponsors each year, which includes options for different sponsorship packages. Together with the directors, plans any sponsorship ads that will be shown during the shows.

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Recruitment and Membership Registry Manager

Responsible for arranging the recruitment of the production and arranging the recruitment of producers, directors and authors of the manuscript in the summer and other team leaders as well as open recruitment in the fall. Maintains the association's member register and acts as the association's data protection officer.

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Event Manager

Responsible for arranging the leisure events of the production team and the association. For example, organizes excursions, dinners and parties together with the event team.

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General members of the Board

Subject Association Manager - Karla Matis

Clubroom Manager - Elli Koukkari

In addition to the persons elected to the positions mentioned in the association's bylaws, the board of Viikki-speksi ry may also have additional members. For example, they may assist other members of the Board in the performance of their duties or perform duties that are not unequivocally the responsibility of any post. Subject association manager maintains connections with the subject organizations operating on the Viikki campus. The clubroom manager, on the other hand, manages reservations related to the Pupu cluster.

STAFF OF 2023-24

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Equality Officer

The Equality Officer creates an annual equality plan based on a two-year equality strategy approved at the association’s meeting. Monitors the implementation of these for a year and informs the Board of any possible problem situations. Responsible for collecting eventual harassment feedback both during and after the production. Ensures that everyone is treated appropriately in the production and according to common rules. Acts as an impartial investigator in problem situations.

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Environmental Officers

The Environmental Officers create an annual environmental plan based on a two-year environmental strategy approved at the association’s meeting. Monitors the implementation of these documents in the activities of the association and reports on this to the Board of the association. Encourages members of the association to take environmentally friendly actions, especially in matters related to the activities of the association. Actively strive to make the association's operations more environmentally friendly.

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Head of Marketing

Leads the creative process of marketing and also the administrative side together with the Communications Officer and the producer. Designs trailer and promo shoots together with the people in charge of the production, especially the director, graphic artist and producer. Creates an annual marketing plan that covers both the affairs of the production and the general marketing of the association. The purpose of the plan is to clarify the Board's annual targets for, among other things, the growth in membership and the number of visitors to the events, as well as the production's ticket sales, and to create proposals for achieving these targets. In addition, the Head of Marketing plans the annual marketing budget together with the Economical Affairs Officer of the Board.

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