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While we wait for the start of the next Production (which will take place in the fall of 2022), we have spring time for other specific activities! In the spring of 2022, Viikki speksi will organize workshops open to everyone, where you can try activities related to speksi with a very low threshold. 


The search for workshop instructors is still ongoing. If you have an idea in mind for a workshop that you would like to lead alone or together with a friend, let us  use this   form. Those who become a director do not need to have previous experience in leading groups, but now is a good opportunity to try out the role of a supervisor for a while and organize fun activities for others. The workshop can be related to any aspect of speks, for example acting, dancing, staging, costuming, music, technology or be something else entirely!

Workshops are organized from February to April, according to the schedules and enthusiasm of the workshop instructors. Registration is open until the end of March, but please fill out the registration form as soon as possible so that our board has time to find a suitable space for your workshop and inform about the workshops to be organized in time before they start. In the registration form, you can tell us about the content of your workshop, the required space and the schedule that suits you.

Link to instructor search:

Questions about workshops, specs or something else? Ask away, we'll be happy to answer! Questions can be sent to

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